Wood floor restoration for your home

Expertly repairing, renovating & restoring wooden floorboards and parquet flooring across Kent and the South East for over 20 years. Your floors are in safe hands.
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Repair, renovate, restore

Whether you've just discovered neglected floorboards underneath carpet or your floors are in desperate need of some TLC, our flooring restoration services can take the most unloved wooden floors and return them to their former glory.

We have specialist expertise in restoring Victorian pine and oak flooring and parquet flooring. If needed, we visit local reclamation specialists to source reclaimed wood for repairs and restoration, blending our work seamlessly into your existing floor.

Whatever the state of your floor, we'll do everything in our power, using modern technology and traditional carpentry, to take them from dull and dreary to something you're proud of once more.
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Floorboard restoration

In busy homes, wooden floors can suffer all manner of damage, from minor scratches to water damage and everything in between. Damaged floors can be brought back to life with a little specialist TLC.
Floorboard restoration by Mark Antony & Sons Ltd

Kent's parquet restoration experts

We've worked with hundreds of parquet floors, each with their quirks and their unique needs. By getting to know your parquet floor before restoring and repairing it, we bring it back to life in the most effective way possible.
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Want a quick ballpark estimate for your floors? Send photos of your floors along with how many square metres the area is to us via WhatsApp and we'll get back to you the same day with an estimate!
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Once you've received your estimate, you can reply to book in a site visit for a full quotation or ask us any questions about your floors. If we need any further information from you before providing an estimate, we'll let you know as soon as possible!
Mark Antony & Sons use Bona flooring products
Mark Antony & Sons use Festool sanding technology
Mark Antony & Sons use Lagler sanding technology & machinery
Mark Antony & Sons use Morrells flooring products

Wood floor restoration across Kent & the South East

Working from our base in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we renovate, repair and restore wooden floors in homes across the South East. Mark Antony & Sons has a combined team experience of over 40 years in the wood flooring industry - which means there's no one better to trust with your home's wood floor restoration process.

With minimal disruption, modern techniques and traditional carpentry handiwork, we'll take your damaged, worn or distressed floors and turn them into floors you can be proud of once again.
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Parquet restoration

Parquet flooring creates a powerful statement in any home. Our parquet restoration process makes sure that every parquet block, whether it's new or reclaimed, is restored and renewed to its former glory.

Floor repairs & renovations

In the course of restoring your wooden floor, we'll conduct minor or major repairs depending on your floor's needs, using modern machinery and traditional techniques.

Minimal disruption

We understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable in your family home. Our restoration work is done with minimal disruption to your home so you can carry on enjoying it while we work.

Transformation, guaranteed

Floor restoration takes even the most damaged, tired and worn floors and returns them to their former glory. Hundreds of satisfied clients now have floors they can be proud of again.
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How does flooring restoration work?


If you're happy with our estimate, we'll visit your home to inspect the floor and provide a specific quotation.

Before we start work, we'll let you know what to expect and when we'll be finished - then it's over to us!

Once we're finished, your floors will be back to their former glory. We'll advise you how to take care of them too.

Wooden floors, restored by Mark Antony & Sons in Kent

Floor Restoration FAQs

Choosing to restore your wooden floors can feel daunting - which is why we're here to answer all your questions!

We've been restoring wooden floors across Kent and the South East for over 20 years, so when it comes to flooring we know what we're talking about.

We want you to feel comfortable in your home and confident that you've chosen the best people for the job!
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What types of wooden floor can be restored?

Most of them!

Restoration is possible for the vast majority of floors. If your floor is solid wood, it can definitely be restored. If your floor is engineered wood, it can usually be restored - but as the layer of real wood on an engineered floor is usually only a few millimetres, it depends on how many times it has been sanded or restored before.

For particularly damaged floors, we may need to source reclaimed wood to replace some areas of your flooring - but we will do our best to match the species and age of your existing floor to make it blend in easily.

If you're not sure if your floor is suitable for restoration or if you're better off installing a new floor, get in touch! Our friendly team will be happy to advise.

How do you remove scratches, dents, stains or imperfections from my wooden floor?

If your floor is structurally sound (no loose blocks or boards), we'll get started with our dust-free floor sanding process. This process starts with using a fairly aggressive grit sand paper, which sands a layer of wood off your floors - most scratches, dents and imperfections will be in this top layer, so removing that layer will remove those issues.

From that point, we progressively reduce grit to smooth the top layer of the floor to create a perfect base for applying a floor finish.

What techniques does the flooring restoration process include?

The restoration process differs from floor to floor, depending on the level of restoration and repairs needed. Our process often includes:

- dust-free sanding
- gap filling
- repairing damaged boards or blocks
- sub-floor preparation and restoration, including damp proof membrane and levelling
- sourcing reclaimed wooden boards or blocks for repairs
- relaying loose boards or blocks
- structural repairs to sub-floor, including joists
- installation or reinstallation of skirting boards, threshold bars and beading
- installing underfloor insulation

When you contact us about your floor, we'll provide you with a detailed quote that let's you know what techniques and processes we recommend for your floor.
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