5 Steps For The Aftercare of Oiled Wooden Floors

Wooden Flooring

Your wood floor has been protected by a PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K system.
It is important that it is cared for correctly. Please follow these 5 steps to ensure that it looks beautiful for as long as possible.

Some basics:
• Whatever protection a wood floor has received it will inevitably need some maintenance.
• The colour of most wooden floors will change over time depending on the type of finish,wood species and amount of exposure to direct sunlight.
• The floor may expand and contract as seasons and humidity levels change.
• Regularly vacuum the floor to remove dirt and dust.
• Wood floors like conditions that we like … so constant temperatures between 18 °C to 22 °C and humidity levels of around 50 % RH will suit them best.
• Use the following “5 Steps for the aftercare of oiled wood floors”.
• If you have used a certified PALLMANN Profi contractor, their work on your floor can be underwritten with 2 years warranty from PALLMANN.


The First Few Days

Most floor coatings of this type require 7 days to “cure” fully.
• The wooden floor should not be covered. The room temperature should be constantly between 18°C and 22°C and have a humidity level of around 50% RH. A gentle airflow should be maintained throughout this period.
• Gentle foot traffic can be allowed 4 or 5 hours after application, but the coating is more prone to damage from water or scratching until it has reached full “cure”.
• Even after the lacquer has reached full strength, sharp or heavy objects, particularly when moved will damage the surface.
• Good, well maintained entrance and barrier matting will help to prevent the ingress of water and dirt into the building.

Wooden Floor Care


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If your wood floor is well cared for and maintained it will remain beautiful for longer.
Please follow these tips.
• All chairs and tables should be fitted with appropriate pads to avoid scratching and metal markings.
• Heavy items of furniture should be lifted, not dragged.
• All abrasive materials such as broken glass, grit etc. should be removed from the floor immediately.
• Remove any spillages as quickly as possible, if fluid is allowed to remain on the floor for any length of time it could penetrate the oil.
• Adhesive tape will soften and then remove the oil protective layer.
• Plasticized material like carpet padding, furniture legs, tires and chair castors could lead to discolouration.
• No iron material directly on wood floors.


The floor should be cleaned thoroughly. Use the following cleaning procedure which is recommended by PALLMANN.
• Any sticky substance such as chewing gum should be carefully removed from the surface.
• Large items of debris should be carefully collected by hand.
• The floor should then be swept with a soft brush, or vacuumed with a direct suction vacuum cleaner. To remove heavier concentrations of soiling the floor should be spot mopped.
• This can be done with a concentrated solution of PALLMANN CLEAN.
• Applied by trigger spray on the area at a dilution ratio of 100 parts water to 1 part PALLMANN CLEAN.

Wooden Floor Cleaning



The whole area can be cleaned using the PALLMANN CLEAN & GO system, conventional wringer mop system or a spray clean system with a PALLMANN UNO single disc rotary machine.

PALLMANN floor mop:
• Dilute PALLMANN CLEAN at a dilution ratio of 50 parts warm water to 1 part CLEAN, using a damp, well wrung out mop.
• The mop head should be regularly rinsed in a fresh solution. The solution should be changed when necessary to avoid re-contamination of the floor.
• It is vital that water is not allowed to remain on the floor for more than 1 minute.
• Work quickly and systematically cutting in edges of each area and then the main body of the area. 

Spray clean system:
• Dilute PALLMANN CLEAN at a dilution ratio of 100 parts of water to 1 part CLEAN into a trigger spray.
• Using a blue or green pad under a rotary machine, spray a fine mist onto an area of flooring.
• Work systematically, cutting in edges of each area and then the main body of the area.
• Continue to move the machine over an area until that area is free from blemishes.

Pads should be turned over and changed when fully loaded.
For larger areas please consult PALLMANN technical service.
With all systems, if soiling remains then repeat the process.
Always ensure good ventilation and a temperature between 18 °C to 22 °C are maintained.

Recoating & Polishing

Over the long term the wood may require recoating or polishing.
• If the floor needs a further coat of PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K, this is best applied by a professional contractor.
• Assuming that no polish system has been used then they should thoroughly deep clean the floor to ensure that any residue that may affect adhesion is removed.
• Apply a coat of PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K.
• Allow to dry and cure (see Step 1).

If the floor is to be treated with polish protection, this can be done by the home owner or building cleaning staff.

Maintenance care with PALLMANN MAGIC OIL CARE
Suitable for the surface care of all prevalent oiled hardwood and timber floors.
1. Remove all dirt and dust from the floor using a fine broom, mop or vacuum cleaner.
2. Shake container well before use.
3. In case of heavy traffic the standard concentration (20 parts of water to 1 part of care) may be increased to undiluted.
4. Evenly apply to floor in grain direction using the PALLMANN MOP and let dry.
5. The floor surface is ready to be walked on after approx. 60 min.

NB When cleaning please ensure that minimal water remains on the floor and that the area is well ventilated. If you have any questions about this or any other concerns, please contact us before proceeding.

Clean & Go


Cleaning Kit for the maintenance cleaning of sealed and oiled wood floors. Kit includes 4-piece mop, a 0.75-Liter- Spray bottle, a Microfiber Cleaning Pad, a Microfiber Dusting Pad and an information brochure for the Maintenance & Cleaning of wood floors.

Suitable for the maintenance cleaning of:
• lacquered and oiled wood floors
• lacquered and oiled cork floors
• multiply / pre-finished wood floorings
• natural and artificial stone floorings


Suitable for dry and damp cleaning
Reusable, refillable & environmentally friendly
Easy to apply
Friendly to the skin